Christopher Wiehl


Name: Christopher Richard Wiehl
Character: Owen Thurman
Date of birth: 29 October 1970
Place of Birth: Yakima, Washington, USA
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Season One: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date


Christopher was born in Yakima, Washington to FBI Agent, Dick Wiehl and is of Danish and German descent. He attended the University of Washington and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in dramatic arts.

Christopher appeared in several plays during his time at college including Henry V, and first appeared on our screens in 1995 when he guest starred in an episode of JAG. He had a couple of other guest appearances before landing the role of Buffy’s rather dark love interest, Owen Thurman in 1997. Since then he has worked fairly constantly on TV, having guest starring roles on shows such as Clueless, Charmed and ER, as well as recurring roles on Bull, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Jericho and has written and starred in his own movie, The Devil’s Dolls.

Most recently he has appeared in NCIS, Chicago Justice, Law & Order, Special Victims Unit and will appear in Gods of Medicine.

When not acting, Christopher devotes his time to the Seattle Seahawks.

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