Andrew Borba


Andrew Borba was a religious zealot who believed that Judgement Day was spoon to be upon us and would preach about this to anyone close enough to hear. He was also wanted for questioning by the police about a double murder.

One fateful day he is bound for Sunnydale on the airport bus when it us attacked by vampires. Andrew wakes up a vampire on a slab in the Sunnydale Funeral Home and believes Judgement Day has come. In fact, he is being used as a decoy to lead the Slayer to believe he is The Anointed one, while the real Anointed has made good his escape.

Finding prey in Owen Thurman, he attacks but unfortunately for him, Owen just happens to be on a very strange date with the Slayer, who believing her date to be dead, lets loose on Andrew, finally throwing him into a cremation chamber where he meets his end.

Author: Cider

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