Owen Thurman


Owen Thurman is a handsome, bookish student at Sunnydale Highschool who is usually to be found lurking in dark corners reading his beloved Emily Dickinson.

Running across Buffy in the library, where he came to actually borrow a book, he soon finds himself with a date. Their first attempt goes slightly array when Buffy is late due to unscheduled slaying duties and Owen finds himself in the claws of Cordelia.

Their second date is only more successful in that they both manage to turn up for it. Owen is treated to a double date, with Xander and Willow to Sunnydale Funeral Home where a vampire is due to rise. Despite being knocked out, Owen is keen to continue the relationship, finding himself attracted to the dark nature of their first date. Realising that she is likely to get him killed should they continue to date, Buffy has to decline.

Author: Cider

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