Welcome to The Buffyverse and Beyond (formerly Whedon’s World)

Hi, my name is Cider and I am a Buffy addict. I fell in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1999 and have never looked back. In 2002 I decided to start up a little website dedicated to this show that had changed my life. As the worlds of Joss Whedon grew and expanded, so did the site. Unfortunately, there a came a time when circumstances meant I no longer had the time to dedicate to the site and so it closed for a few years.

Since then I have renewed and revamped the site and am still in the process of adding all my old content, including a demon database and more, while trying to keep up with the latest news, hold down a job and sleep!

In light of allegations made by some of the Buffy cast, corroborated by others from the cast and crew of his shows, along with allegations from Ray Fisher and the previous allegations made by Kai Cole, I have decided to rename the site and distance myself from the name Joss Whedon. This is done out of respect to those who have suffered abuse at his hands.

Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse et all, are more than the work of one man, and my love for these shows and their cast and crew has not died. This site will continue to honour the stories that are so important to many, and the cast and crew that brought them to life.

Stay shiny and keep flyin’,


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  1. If Joss Whedon would involve. himself with the latest, sanctioned Star Trek reboot presently ramrodded by JJ Abrms, plus get a better, more seasoned James Kirk, I*d still watch. and back STAR TREK CONTINUES to the hilt iin addendum. The latter is very pleasing handling of the original approach to the series, but needs a lot of help story- wise. But, I ‘m digressing… Whedon on STAR TREK would kick ass. Whedon whistling in a dark closet alone would have an audience. By the by, buy Harlan Ellison books now!

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