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Joss WhedonThis is a site dedicated to providing an information source on all things Joss Whedon. I originally created this site in 2002 and it transformed from a small page into a giant website, and it was still never complete! Sadly in 2012 I found I no longer had time to give the site the full attention that it needed and so closed the site down. Circumstances have changed since then, and I am back with overly ambitious plans to build a huge site spanning all of Joss Whedon’s work. The Internet (and Joss Whedon) have moved on without me it seems and it will take time to re-build this back to the information source that it once was, but I intend to resurrect all my archives as well as creating new content.

You can navigate the site via the page links at the top, or in The Hub, drop down list to the right. If you find your way here, I hope you will enjoy your stay.

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  1. If Joss Whedon would involve. himself with the latest, sanctioned Star Trek reboot presently ramrodded by JJ Abrms, plus get a better, more seasoned James Kirk, I*d still watch. and back STAR TREK CONTINUES to the hilt iin addendum. The latter is very pleasing handling of the original approach to the series, but needs a lot of help story- wise. But, I ‘m digressing… Whedon on STAR TREK would kick ass. Whedon whistling in a dark closet alone would have an audience. By the by, buy Harlan Ellison books now!

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