Jenny Calendar


 Jenny Calendar, Sunnydale High’s computer science teacher and “techno-pagan” was not all that she seemed.  Hiding her real identity as Janna of the Kalderash Clan, she came to Sunnydale to keep an eye on Angelus, and ensure that he never finds the moment of true happiness that would break the curse her ancestors placed on him.

Unfortunately, she finds that Angelus has struck up a close friendship with Slayer and tries to infiltrate her social circle by becoming close to her watcher, Giles. Instead she finds herself fall for the stuffy librarian and begins to see things from a slightly different viewpoint when she finds that Angel is now living a good life,  atoning for his past sins as Angelus and trying to find redemption.

This is not what the gypsy elders had in mind for him, however, when they cursed him and on sensing that  Angel is close to finding that one moment of true happiness, they send Jenny’s uncle to warn her. Finding out the truth about the curse, Jenny tried to separate Buffy and Angel, but the fates intervene, the curse is broken and Angel becomes Angelus once more.

On learning the truth about his girlfriend, Giles breaks up with Jenny, who sets about righting her wrongs by translating the original curse. Before she can complete the translation, Angelus finds out what she is doing and kills her.

Jenny’s image would later be used by Drusilla to torment Giles and by The First to torment Angel.