Andrew J Ferchland


Name: Andrew Joel Ferchland
Character: The Anointed/Collin
Date of birth: 26 January 1987
Place of Birth: Orange County, California, USA
Web Presence: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | IMDB | Wikipedia



Season One: Never Kill a Boy on the First Date | Angel | Nightmares | Prophecy Girl
Season Two: When She Was Bad | School Hard | Halloween


Andrew was born in Orange County and began his career as a child actor appearing in the TV Movie, Banner Times at the age of just 5. After this he landed several guest starring roles on TV shows like The Good Life, Mad About Your, ER and Chicago Hope before being cast as Robert De Niro’s son, Richie Renard in The Fan. It was shortly after this that he landed a recurring and pivotal role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Collin/The Anointed (Annoying) One.

Since his time on Buffy ended he has continued to work in TV and Film and currently has another TV Movie, The Resurgance in pre-production.

As well as acting, Andrew has worked behind the scenes, having written, directed and produced his own short, Betrayer as well as producing a mini-series, The Unhallowed and serving as assistant director on the series, Loose Ends.

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