The Master


Heinrich Joseph Nest, otherwise known as The Master is a vampire so old that his features have permanently become those of the monster within him. The full history of The Master is not known, but it is known that he sired Darla in Virginia in the 16th century. She later introduced him to Angelus. The Master was jealous of Darla’s love for Angelus but took a liking to the young vampire’s pluck and inner evil and later considered him his right hand man. Drawn by the Hellmouth, The Master comes to Sunnydale in the 1930’s intending to open the Hellmouth so that demons would once again rule the earth. His mighty plan was foiled, however, when an earthquake struck the abandoned church he had made his lair and The Master becomes trapped between this world and the Hellmouth. He remains in limbo for 60 years until the coming of The Harvest.

The Harvest enables a ritual to be performed whereby one of his subjects could become a vessel through which The Master could receive the nourishment he needs to regain his power and break down the mystical barrier holding him in the church. Unfortunately, the pesky Slayer has come to Sunnydale and ruins his plan by killing the vessel before The Master can become free. However, you can always rely on a good prophecy and The Master has two in his favour.

First, one which will bring him the Anointed, who will lead the Slayer to him. And another saying that the Slayer will come to him and she will die. Both prophecies come true and The Master’s protegé, The Anointed, faithfully leads Buffy to The Master, where he kills her and gains the strength to free his bonds at last. The prophecy, however, didn’t take into account the Slayer’s friends, who save her life enabling her to get her revenge and The Master is eventually dust. Unlike other vampires, The Master’s bones remain, and, despite the scoobies burying them in sacred ground, his followers dig them up and perform a ritual to bring him back. Buffy, of course, interferes and this time makes sure she grinds The Master’s bones so that he cannot be resurrected again.

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