Mark Metcalf


Name: Mark Howes Metcalf
Character: The Master/Joseph Henrich Nest
Date of birth: 11 March 1946
Place of Birth: Findlay, Ohio, USA
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Season One: Welcome to the Hellmouth | The Harvest | Never Kill A Boy on the First Date | Angel | Nightmares | Prophecy Girl
Season Two: When She Was Bad
Season Three: The Wish
Season Seven: Lessons


Season Two: Darla


Born in Findlay, Ohio Mark attended the University of Michigan in the hopes of obtaining a Master’s degree, however, he never completed the course. Mark started his career in acting on the stage and, in the early seventies, he travelled the States with the Milwaukee Repertory Company, he was also a member of the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

Mark’s first on screen appearance was in 1973 in a short, The Garden Party, since then he has worked steadily on our screens, famously playing Doug Neidermeyer in Animal House, a role he would re-create in a music video for Twister Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” He has guest starred on many TV shows including recurring roles on Hill Street Blues, One Life to Live, Melrose Place, Seinfeld, Teen Angel and of course as the first “big bad|” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a character that would return throughout the series and also appear on spin off, Angel.

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