The Anointed


Collin was a sweet young boy, happily coming home from his holidays when the horrible accident happened. The airport bus he was traveling on was attacked by vampires. Rather than just dinner, the vampires have other plans for young Collin and he finds himself rising from the dead in order to fulfill a prophecy of Aurelius and become The Anointed One, a great warrior for The Master who will lead the Slayer to her death. He may only be a small boy, but he learns at The Master’s side and soon is venturing out in the world alone to lure the Slayer to her death.

Buffy, however, is not so easily defeated, she is brought back to life to kill The Master herself.

Undeterred, Collin becomes takes The Masters’s place as leader of the Order of Aurelius and gathers is followers to him. He instructs them to dig up The Master’s bones, he performs a ritual to resurrect him. Buffy, however, strikes again, spoiling his plans and smashing The Master’s bones completely, leaving Collin with the impression that he really doesn’t like her.

He plots his revenge which is to take place on the night of St. Vigeous, this time it is not Buffy, but a new vampire in town, Spike, that upsets his plans and, deciding that he doesn’t much like all the ritual in the coven, sends Collin into the daylight.

Author: Cider

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