Blayne Moll


Blayne Moll was a student at Sunnydale High and the son of a lawyer. He is one of the rich kids and has a lot of false bravado.

When the biology teacher mysteriously disappears he, like all the other males in the class, falls for the wiles of the substitute teacher, Miss French. Jumping at the opportunity to spend more time with her, he volunteers for some after school activities. Unfortunately for him, Miss French is actually a She-Mantis and needs a virgin to help her reproduce and he finds himself locked in a cage in her basement, where he is soon joined by Xander.

Luckily for him, Buffy is on the case and the scoobies soon come to his rescue, but not before they have all realised that he is in fact, despite all his boasting, a virgin.

Author: Cider

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