Nathan Fillion To Narrate The Salvage Crew

Nathan Fillion is set to narrate his first audio book The Salvage Crew by Sri Lankan author Yudhanjaya Wijerantne.

The story is told in the first-person narrative of a “human-convict-turned-AI-overseer that is tasked with making sure that colonists meant to settle planets get their unscathed. Cranky about its lot in life, the grizzled tech observes and reports on his chargers as they try to set up a functional society before scores of backup residents arrive.”

Speaking to SyFyWire, Nathan said, “Sci-fi and survival are both of tremendous interest to me. This story is very inventive in not only conceiving the kinds of problems we’d face in the future, but also the solutions, practices and technologies we’d eventually come up with. Add to that the characters — my favorite the AI in charge of this botched adventure. Finally, an AI inner monologue I can relate to. If any of this has piqued something in your noggin, then yes. Yes, I think you’ll enjoy this book. Oh, and also, I’ll read it to you.”

The Salvage Crew is available for pre-order now from Audible for release on 27 October 2020.

Source: SYFYWire

Author: Cider

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