Dr Weirick


Dr. Weirick worked at Sunnydale Zoo and was also interested in animal spirit possession. When a pack of hyenas arrived from Africa he decides to live out his dreams.

His efforts fail , however, until a group of Sunnydale High students arrive and accidentally trigger the transpossession spell, and become possessed by the hyena spirits.

When Buffy and Giles arrive at the zoo looking for a way to revert the spell, he sees his opportunity and pretends that he knows a way to help and tells them they need to bring the possessed students back to the hyena cage, his plan really to become possessed himself.

When the gang arrive, he performs the ritual, drawing the spirits out of the students and into himself, however, he does not count on Buffy who defeats him and throws him into the hyena pit where the animals enjoy their feast.

Author: Cider

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