Buffy the Vampire Slayer Indicted into Museum of Pop Culture Hall of Fame

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of several new inductees into the Museum of Pop Culture’s Science-Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

Founded in 1996, The Hall of Fame “honors science fiction and fantasy’s leading creators and most impactful creations.”

On their webpage, MoPOP say of Buffy:

“Combining vampire hunting with teen drama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a quintessential example of turn-of-the-century genre television.

The show follows reluctant hero Buffy Summers as she fulfills her mystical calling as a vampire slayer and demon hunter. Along the way, she gathers a group of memorable friends referred to as the “Scooby Gang,” including best friends Willow and Xander, who appear in nearly every episode. Buffy used the popular “monster of the week” storytelling style as a framework to tell deeper metaphorical stories about the struggles of daily teen life. The series debuted in 1997 and ran for seven seasons.

In 2007, creator Joss Whedon continued Buffy’s story where the TV show left off in a series of comic books for Dark Horse Comics. Known as the “Buffyverse” by fans, Buffy’s expanded fictional universe includes the successful spin-off Angel (1999-2004) as well as numerous tie-in books, comics and games.”

Fellow inductees for 2017 are Stan Lee, J.K. Rowling and The Legend of Zelda.

Source MoPOP

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