Alyson Hannigan Cast in Kim Possible and Pure Season 2

Alyson Hannigan has been cast in Disney Channel Movie, Kim Possible, a tale of a high-school hero who saves the world with her best friend Ron Stoppable. Alyson will play Kim’s mother Dr. Ann Possible, aka Mom Possible.

Meanwhile, Alyson has also been cast in a recurring role in the second season of CBC’s Pure. Pure focuses on a Mennonite pastor (payed by Ryan Robbins) and his wife who are trying to clean their community of drugs. Alyson will play Esther Dunkel “a lapsed Mennonite who is nobody’s fool and has been helping her lawyer-boyfriend funnel a fortune in cartel cash through a local bank” according to WGA America.

Kim Possible is scheduled to air in 2019 and Pure Season 2 will also air next year.

Sources: UPI and Gephardt Daily

Author: Cider

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