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Name: Andrew Bryniarski
Character: Crow
Date of Birth: 13 February 1969
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, USA
Web Presence: Instagram | Facebook | IMDB | Wikipedia | Cameo


The Train Job


Andrew Bryniarski was born in Philadelphia and is of Polish descent on his father’s side. He attended North Penn High School in Lansdale where his mother worked as a staff member. After leaving school he trained and became a professional wrestler and body builder.

While visiting a friend in Hollywood, he was spotted by a talent scout got a screen test for Joel Silver and landed the role of Butterfinger alongside Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk.

After this he continued working as an actor, landing guest spots in shows such as L.A. Law, the New Adventures of Superman, and Conan the Adventurer, and appearing in films such as the Street Fighter series, Pearl Harbor, Batman Returns, Any Given Sunday, and Scooby Doo before landing the role of Crow in Firefly.

Since Firefly he has continued to work as an actor and has had guest starring roles in , Without a Trace and Burn Notice and films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and prequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

When not acting he enjoys outdoor activities such as horseback riding and mountain climbing as well as working out at the gym and yoga.


Andrew Bryniarski also played a character caller Crow in 2016, a zombie horror movie.

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