Video for Dove Cameron’s New Single, ‘Boyfriend’

Dove Cameron (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)has released a video for her new Single, ‘Boyfriend’, which explores her queer identity which she made public last year. The single will be included on her forthcoming EP and was a ast minute addition after a clip of the chorus when viral on TikTok.

Speaking to Billboard, Dove said of the song: “‘Boyfriend’ was the very first song I sat down to write for my EP. I had just come off a tour the night before, so I was writing from a perspective of freedom. I never though it would end up on the EP, if I’m being honest. I was telling the story of this crazy night I had a couple of weeks before that. And in the middle of recounting this insane story I think I casually said something to the room like, ‘F–k, I could be a better boyfriend that this guy.’ And we were kinda like, ‘wait, is this a good hook?’ A lot of it became a report of what it felt like to grow up queer and be surrounded by all these women who were famously mistreated and under-celebrated.”

Watch the video below:

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