That Hashtag Show Review: Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1

Mal Makes All Things Right In The ‘Verse in ‘Firefly: Blue Sun Rising’ No. 1 [REVIEW]

Few things put a smile on a Firefly fan’s face than when Mal Reynolds is aimin’ to misbehave. Well, if it’s misbehavin’ you get with Firefly: Blue Sun Rising No. 1. The latest offering comes to us from BOOM! Studios and the incredibly talented team of Greg Pak, Dan McDaid, Vincenzo Federici and Marcelo Costa. This comic represents both an ending to the limited run series that began back in September and a new beginning for Mal and company. And not to fret: its packed with everything you’d expect from Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

Never one to shy away from an unwinnable fight, Mal is back at in his battle with the Blue Sun Corportation:

It’s The End Of The First Ever Firefly Event – And Now Everything Changes! Shocking losses lead to stunning decisions as Mal and the crew of Serenity must face the consequences of their choices in war against the Blue Sun Corporation. The ‘Verse is changing in ways no one ever expected – and a new chapter of Firefly begins here.

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising No. 01 is everything it should be

This issue sees Mal and his crew fire the final salvo in their battle with Blue Sun. Pressure mounts as the corporation tries to wrestle control of the Sector (and Galaxy!) for itself. Now, Mal just can’t let happen. He’s especially motivated: the company has used his own likeness to forge their robotic law enforcement robots to bring him down. As usual, though luck or stupidity, Mal remains (mostly) one-step ahead throughout Blue Sun Rising No. 1.

Of course, Mal’s plan comes with its usual share of peril. As events unfold, a “General Blue Sun Deprecator” weapon incapacities the Serenity. It’s only because of Mal’s latest partner, Boss Moon, that the crew survives long enough for Mal hatch his plan to cripple the corporation. As Mal’s plans go, well, this one goes about as expected. Let’s just say that as much as this comic is an end to the Blue Sun Rising event, things between Mal and Blue Sun are far from over.

Image: BOOM! Studios

Pak again superbly captures the heart of the Firefly core characters with cheeky writing and well-timed comedy. Likewise, the artwork in Blue Sun Rising No. 1 once more transports us to the ‘Verse in spectacular fashion. Now, admittedly, nothing will ever substitute for the original Firefly show, or Serenity film. Notwithstanding, BOOM! Studios has given us an enjoyable romp with the characters we love so much to fill the hole.

Get your copy of Firefly: Blue Sun Rising No. 1 HERE, on sale now.

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