That Hashtag Show Review: Firefly: A Brand New ‘Verse #1

It’s A Brand New ‘Verse In Latest Firefly Comic Series [Review]

WARNING: Contains minor spoilers for Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse #1 Read at your own risk. The more things change, th more things stay the same. That much is clear as Serenity makes its way through the ‘verse in a brand new comic series from Boom! Studios! She’s still falling apart but always manages to keep it together… This time it flies two decades following the events of the short-lived but very much beloved television series. As much as it’s business as usual for the ship itself, a lot has changed since Malcolm Reynolds & co. blasted the truth of the Reavers’ origins out to the ‘Verse.

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Here’s the official synopsis for the brand new tales of Serenity and those that fly her:

“Set 20 years after the events of Firefly, Serenity soars the ‘Verse once again with a new captain – Emma, the daughter of Wash and Zöe! The old crew of Serenity has gone their own way and now Emma is working to prove herself to Zoe. alongside a new crew of castaways and misfits just trying to stay afloat. But when Serenity takes a job from a familiar face, they discover their new, living, breathing cargo is far more than they bargained for… and might bring them into conflict with Alliance once again!”

Serenity takes on a brand new ‘Verse in latest Firefly comic

Image: Boom! Studios

Malcolm Reynolds may not be captain anymore, but that doesn’t mean Serenity isn’t finding herself in the same old messes. As the new series opens, Zöe is still captain but grooming her daughter to eventually call the ship her own. The tension between the two is palpable as they younger Washburne years to prove herself to her ‘Verse-weary mother. The way things go in Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse #1, well, let’s just say that transition isn’t likely to be a smooth one. Emma has her father’s wit, her mother’s tenacity, and even a touch of Mal’s misbehavin’.

The new comic series comes to us from Josh lee Gordon (Firefly: Bad Company) and Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen). Featuring a brand new and diverse cast of characters, the ‘Verse is the limit for the new crew of Serenity. Issue #1 is available now.

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