Screen Rant Review: The Vampire Slayer #4

Buffy’s Epic Vampire Slayer Return Has Begun

The Vampire Slayer made Willow Rosenberg the titular undead hunter, but recent developments hint that Buffy will get her title back soon.

The original Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, is finally about to reclaim her title and mission in Boom! Studios new series The Vampire Slayer. Set in an alternate world of the Slayerverse from the original Buffy continuity, The Vampire Slayer made Willow Rosenberg the titular undead hunter, but recent developments hint that a certain blond-haired heroine will get her title back soon.

In The Vampire Slayer universe, Buffy’s friends try to relieve her from the stress and emotional trauma that come with her dangerous calling, casting a spell that goes really wrong. Buffy loses her memories of being as Slayer, along with her supernatural abilities, which the spell them imbues into Willow. While the Scooby Gang looks for a way to revert things back to normal, Willow has to step in as the local monster hunter, but without the right attitude (which comes with a Slayer’s predestination), the job takes a huge toll on her. The young with cannot sleep and constantly thinks about death, making her irritable and increasingly dangerous. However, Willow is not the only one who has trouble sleeping.

In The Vampire Slayer #4, by Sarah Gailey, Puste, Valentina Pinto, and Riccardo Giardina, Buffy, Willow, and the newly-arrived Slayer, Faith, go out for lunch. Noticing that Buffy is showing signs of exhaustion, the other two girls inquire about it and learn something that could soon upset the current status quo. Every night, Buffy is having intense dreams where she is the Slayer and goes out hunting for monsters with her amazing powers. This means that Buffy’s memories that had been canceled by the spell are slowly seeping back through her subconscious, and she could soon remember everything.

It is still unclear if this is happening because the spell’s magic is deteriorating or simply because Buffy’s Slayer nature is too strong to be suppressed. Faith confirms the danger of the situation, who is worried about Buffy’s story and immediately calls her watcher (aka Rupert Giles) who is still against telling Buffy the truth. In fact, it is hard to predict what will happen if Buffy recovers her memories while these are still, technically, “inside” Willow, along with her powers. The two best friends now share a mystical bond, and this is already having dire consequences. Willow’s witch magic is interacting badly with Buffy’s Slayer powers, and things could get worse if the latter recovers her memories.

By showing how dealing with trauma and suffering is a key part of being a good monster hunter, this series proves why Buffy is the ultimate Slayer. Having Willow step up to the role was a very interesting spin, which demonstrated the infinite storytelling possibilities offered by a multiversal framework. However, it appears that The Vampire Slayer will soon bring things back to normal (for Sunydale’s standards), and have Buffy reclaim her title as the one true Slayer.

The Vampire Slayer #4 is available now from BOOM! Studios.

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