Screen Rant Interview: Kunal Nayyar, Elizabeth Henstridge & Tom Rhys Harries Interview: Suspicion

We interview Suspicion stars Kunal Nayyar, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Tom Rhys Harries about the show’s twists, common fan questions, and more.

Now streaming on Apple TV+, Suspicion is a new thriller series that follows five British citizens who find themselves at the center of a kidnapping investigation when an American businesswoman’s son goes missing. The group embarks on a mission to prove their innocence while avoiding the authorities. Among the ensemble cast are Kunal Nayyar, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Tom Rhys Harries.

The trio of actors spoke to Screen Rant to discuss the twists and turns of the show, common questions they face from fans, and much more.

Screen Rant: I want to start with the three words you would use to describe Suspicion.

Kunal Nayyar: Thriller

Elizabeth Henstridge: I want to say ‘Fast’

Kunal Nayyar: Thriller. Fast.

Tom Rhys Harries: Puzzle.

Kunal Nayyar: Thriller, Fast, Puzzle! (laughs)

Part of the show is the secrecy, speaking of puzzle, of every role you’ve ever taken in which one was the most shrouded in secrecy where you literally could not tell a soul about it?

Kunal Nayyar: To be honest, this is beginning to feel like it. We’ve been doing press for a couple of days now, and it’s really difficult to talk about the show, yet you can’t really [talk] about anything. And I think it’s gonna get harder and worse as the show goes on. Because they’re only releasing, after the first initial, to one a week. So as it gets longer and longer, I think at least for me, in my experience, this has been the most shrouded in mystery.

Tom Rhys Harries: Which is also awkward, because we’re talking about the show and you’re like, “tell me about the show!” and no, we can’t.

Elizabeth Henstridge: Because we want people to realize it’s so brilliant, and you should watch it. But then we don’t want to spoil it because that’s the worst.

I will say it’s very hard to write questions as well for shows like that, where they’re so secretive. How much information are you guys given up front? Or are the twists and turns kept from you as well?

Tom Rhys Harries: We kind of get a broad overview of the whole thing and of our individual character arcs, and then later on, when the scripts are sort of okayed and passed on to us before we start shooting them, we’ll get them closer to shooting those specific latter episodes.

Elizabeth Henstridge: We didn’t know about each other though, did we? I only knew my initial story. And then none of us got the final script until much later, so we didn’t know how it was gonna end.

Kunal Nayyar: How much of it have you got? How far in are you?

Three episodes

Kunal Nayyar: So the aliens haven’t shown up yet.

Elizabeth Henstridge: The giant mice are incredible.

When you received your first script. What question did you want answered most?

Elizabeth Henstridge: I just remember it being one of the fastest scripts I’ve ever read. Hence why I said fast. I just wanted the next script and the next script and the next script and it continues like that throughout. I read this so quickly.

You guys get questioned quite a bit throughout the show. I’m curious when fans see you as you at conventions, on the street, whatever. What is the number one question that you are asked?

Kunal Nayyar: I mean, I obviously get a lot to Big Bang stuff because I was on Big Bang for all those years. So I get a lot of you know, “Is Jim Parsons like Sheldon?” or “Are you like Raj?” and, “Oh, how come you’re talking to me because I’ma woman.” Because my character didn’t talk to women for six years without drinking alcohol. So I get a lot of questions like that.

Image via Apple TV+

Would you prefer someone to come to you and ask you about something very specific or them to do that thing where they go, “Where do I know you from?” And then they spend like 10 minutes spiraling trying to figure out where they know you from and you’re like, “I can’t help you.”

Tom Rhys Harries: What you don’t want to do is start reading off your CV. Very often, I’ll say I’m a sports journalist, because I know enough about sports to sort of reel that off.

Elizabeth Henstridge: That’s specific

Kunal, I have to single out your beard because I love it and I feel like it’s gonna have a death grip on the internet for people who haven’t seen it.

Kunal Nayyar: Wow. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Elizabeth Henstridge: You should talk about your grooming regime.

Kunal Nayyar: I don’t know. I have the ability to grow hair all over my body so I have been gifted with that.

Tom Rhys Harries: That’s a scoop, I think.

Kunal Nayyar: That’s what actually breaks the internet.

Suspicion is now streaming on Apple TV+

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