Newsarama Review: Firefly #1

Credit: BOOM! Studios

Firefly #1 (Published by BOOM!Studios; ‘Rama rating: 7 out of 10): The Big Damn Heroes are back, getting right into the swing of things with an opening scene that recalls the team’s one-by-one introduction in Serenity – though considering Wash and Book ar still around, this takes place before the film. Writer Greg Pak, artist Dan McDaid, colorist Marcelo Costa and lettered Jim Campbell are at the helm of this new launch, making use of an approach that will better serve existing fans than one that’ll make new converts. Pak proves to have a steady handle on the numerous voices in rapid fashion, but the bulk of the plot feels more rushed through, even the gang being under attack and needing to lay low on a remote planet does ring true for this series. McDaid and Costa opt out of using likenesses for the cast, in service of a more distinct cartooning , which may take a second to get used to after the Dark Horse Comics. It’s a start, one that’s able to get by on having the gang back together.

Excerpt from: Newsarama

Author: Cider

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