New Spike Prequel Book Bloody Fool For Love Out Now

A new Buffy the Vampire Slayer prequel has been released by Disney Books and written by William Ritter. Bloody Fool for Love will follow Spike’s story as he returns to London after killing two Slayers. Read the description below:

“Spike just wants to enjoy the spoils of his new badass reputation. He’s now a legendary slayer-killer, and he’s returning to London – the greatest city in the world. Unfortunately, his new abode is far from ideal (mostly a dank basement), and the rest of his strange little ‘family’ is reeling from the fact that their patriarch, Angel, abandoned them. Spike’s love, Drusilla, seems especially heartbroken over the loss anon spends her time lost in her tarot cards and planning their next gruesome family dinner when they all can be reunited.

“Desperate to break Dru out of her melancholy, Spike Vows to steal a powerful relic that will help her focus on their dark future together. It’s the perfect plan – that is, until a monster named Gunnar, leader of the demon underworld of London, steals the relic first. Forced to form his own ragtag group of mercenaries, Spike plans an epic heist against a ruthless gang of undead criminals. Confronted with paranormal plots, royal black ops, and tea (they may be abominations, but they’re British abominations, thank you very much), Spike soon realizes that his homecoming is about to get bloody.”4

Bloody Fool for Love is out now and can be bought for $18.99 at your preferred book retailer.

Source: Nerds and Beyond.

Author: Cider

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