New Firefly One-Shot from Boom! Studios

BOOM! Studios have announced a new Firefly one-shot special to celebrate Firefly’s 20th anniversary. Firefly: Keep Flying is set several years after the television and follows a new crew of Serenity, lead by River Tam.

The book will be written by Jeff Jenson with art by Nicola Izzo, with cover art by Frany, Miguel Mercado and more. Read the synopsis below:

“Find a crew. Get a job. Keep flying. These words of wisdom take on a surprising new meaning for River – many years in the future! While she relied om her family on the spaceship Serenity in more ways than anyone truly understood, an outrageous adventure will push River to her limits, and it will take a new chosen family to help get her through it. Her determination to keep flying, and the lessons the Serenity taught her, is what will keep River going, to stranger horizons than anyone thought possible!”

Firefly: Keep Flying #1 is due for release November 2022.

Author: Cider

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