Marc Blucas


Name: Marcus Paul Blucas
Character: Riley Finn
Date of Birth: 11 January 1972
Place of Birth: Butler, Pennsylvania, USA
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Season Four: The Freshman | Fear, Itself | Beer Bad | Wild at Heart | The Initiative | Pangs | Something Blue | Hush | Series Regular from Doomed
Season Five: Series Regular up to Into The Woods
Season Six: As You Were


During his high school years Marc played basketball and, after graduating in 1990 he went on to Wake Forest University in Winson-Salem, North Carolina. After college he continued to play basketball for the Manchester Giants in Europe. Inspired by his love of the film, ‘A Few Good Men’, Marc wanted a career as an attorney but soon turned to acting. His break came in 1996 when a baby-faced basketball player was required for the feature film, Eddie. Marc took time off to study acting before taking a bit part in Pleasantville, his basketball knowledge helped turn this into a larger acting role and he also choreographed the film’s basketball scenes. Soon after he landed the role of Riley in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Since leaving Buffy, Marc has continued to work in both film and TV with guest starring spots in series such as House, Lie To Me, Castle and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation including a regular role on Necessary Roughness form 2011-2013, Killer Women (2014) and Underground (2016-2017).

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