Marc Blucas to Star in Unearth

Marc Blucas will star in “Unearth” an “eco-thriller” from John C. Lyons, which will be filmed in Erie and Crawford Counties, Kansas, which encompass Marc’s own hometown of Girard, Kansas. Marc joined Lyons and film commissioner, Stewart Nash to announce the production at the Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center yesterday.

Speaking of his decision to accept he role he said, “It’s mostly exciting to me because it happens in a place that matters. We have a few chances in our lives to give back in certain ways. My involvement in this was probably a ‘yes’ before I had met the director or read the script, which is career suicide for a lot of people. You usually don’t go there, but it was because it was here.”

Unearth’s tagline reads “when one desperate family leases their farmland to a gas company relationships crumble and a menacing entity is revealed…”

Unearth is slated for a 2019 release and will begin filming in August 2018.

Watch a video of the conference below:

Source: GoErie and UnearthMovie

Author: Cider

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