Kristine Sutherland


Name: Kristine Young
Character: Joyce Summers
Date of Birth: 17 April 1955
Place of Birth: Boise, Idaho, USA
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Season One: Welcome to the Hellmouth | The Harvest | Witch | Angel | The Puppet Show | Nightmares | Prophecy Girl
Season Two: When She Was Bad | School Hard | Inca Mummy Girl | Reptile Boy | Ted | Bad Eggs | Surprise | Innocence | Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered | Passion | Killed By Death | Becoming Part 1 | Becoming Part 2
Season Three: Anne | Dead Man’s Party | Faith, Hope and Trick | Band Candy | Lover’s Walk | Amends | Gingerbread | Helpless | Bad Girls | Consequences | Earshot | Enemies | Choices | The Prom | Graduation Day Part 1
Season Four: The Freshman | Fear, Itself | This Year’s Girl | Who Are You? | Restless
Season Five: Buffy vs Dracula | The Real Me | The Replacement | Out of My Mind | No Place Like Home | Fool For Love | Shadow | Listening to Fear | Into the Woods | Triangle | Checkpoint | Blood Ties | Crush | I Was Made To Love You | The Body | The Weight of the World
Season Seven: Conversations with Dead People | Bring on the Night


Kristine was born in Boise, Idaho and got the acting bug at an early age when she accompanied a friend to an audition. Kristine attended the University of Kentucky and then went to London to study at the Drama Studio. Once she had completed her studies she headed for New York and appeared in many stage productions. It was here that she met and married her husband, actor, John Pankow, and they had their daughter, Eleanore. In 1993 the family decided to make the move to Los Angeles and Kristine hoped to give up acting in order to bring up Eleanore. However in 1996, her agent tracked her down with a script for a show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Kristine just couldn’t resist.

During her time on Buffy, Kristine took some time out to spend a year in Italy with her family, flying back to LA occasionally to appear in just five episodes of Season Four of the show.

When her time on Buffy came to an end, Kristine again took some time away from acting to pursue her other interest of photography in which she took a course at Santa Monica College.

She returned to our screens in 2008, appearing in mini series Comanche Mood and scoring a recurring role in long-running soap, One Life to Live from 2010-2011. Her work has also included a movie, The Perfect Wedding in 2012, voice acting on Grand Theft Auto V and she currently has another movie, Before/During/After in post production.

When she is not acting Kristine enjoys playing the piano and cooking as well as photography.


Kristine changed her name from Young to Sutherland when she began acting as there was already an actress named Kristine Young. She chose the name Sutherland after her cat Donald whom she had named after Donald Sutherland. Donald Sutherland played >Buffy’s watcher Merrick in the original film of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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