Jesse McNally


Jesse McNally was just another kid at Sunnydale High, friends with Xander and Willow and so not one of the in crowd, until the day that Buffy Summers came to town and Cordelia Chase snubbed him at The Bronze just one time too many leading him to finally try his chances with another girl. Unfortunately for him, that girl was Darla, out hunting for food for The Master.

Taking a bite on the way, Darla takes him to The Master’s lair where she runs into Buffy, a new potential friend of Jesse’s and a vampire slayer. Although Buffy manages to save Jesse, Darla recaptures him whilst Buffy is pre-occupied fighting Luke. When The Master learns that his dinner is a friend of the Slayer’s, Jesse gets an upgrade to bait and is turned into a vampire. He fails even at this though as Buffy and Xander escape the trap set for them.

On the night of The Harvest, Jesse returns to The Bronze, picking out Cordelia as his victim only to have Darla give her to Luke. But Buffy intervenes and saves the day once again, leaving Jesse to be, partially accidentally, staked by his once friend Xander.

Author: Cider

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