Indigogo Funderaiser for 80s Slasher Comedy Starring James C. Leary

James C Leary will be starring in an upcoming independent movie, Massacre Academy. The movie is a homage to the wonderful movies of the 80s that gave us iconic female leads such as Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley.

The story follows Kris McNeil, “one of the only survivors of a grisly series of murders committed two years prior at the hands of a masked slasher knows as ‘Carnie the Killer Clown.'” Of course the second anniversary brings with it a new murder spree.

As well as blood and guts galore the movie will contend with issues around LGBTQ+, misogny and female self-acceptance in the 80s.

Filming in Pittsburgh, Cineworx will employ a local cast and crew and have established a fundraiser on Indiegogo to help make sure they get paid.

Head on over to Indiegogo for more info and to bag a perk which include a part as a featured extra and executive producer status. Get involved in their Facebook Group.

Author: Cider

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