GWW Review: Faith #1



Written by: Jeremy Lambert
Illustrated by: Eleonora Carlini
Coloured by: Mattia Iacono
Lettered by: Jim Campbell

And Faith makes three. After being introduced to the star of the series Buffy, the arrival of Kendra was only a matter of time before the trouble-making slayer showed up. I can’t say this issue didn’t leave my brain a little scrambled. But given the Watcher’s handling of Faith, I think that is the intent.

This issue begins with our heroine enjoying an evening of cinematic goodness. In a viewing hall, her own Faith takes in flick after flick. Suddenly the scene changes and she feels herself drawn into the movie. And just like that, she awakens in her uniform as an usher at the same theater. Faith experiences this Groundhog Day at the movies a few more times. Even though they are all the same, she begins to see some inconsistencies (or better yet too many consistencies) in her daily life. The reasons for this time loop is disturbing for Faith personally, not to mention what it means for her fellow Slayers.

I can’t mention the Buffy series without talking about the ability of the artists. Spanning several different books across the studio line, each entry manages to deliver the characters consistently. Faith is drawn with the same look and appeal as when she was introduced in Buffy a few issues back. The same can be said for Wesley who shows up, giving back story to some things from recent issues of Buffy. Eleanora Carlini and Mattia Iacano have kept the characters appearances solid as this universe continues to expand.

The amazing thing about all these series is that for everything that has changed some things remain consistent. Buffy is a Slayer with too many attachments, especially with her Watcher. Kendra is an honor bound warrior. She knows the code and will stick to it no matter what. That would make Faith the trick if you want to mix things up.

And yet it’s funny how no matter what changes, some things seem inevitable. The Watcher council only sees Slayers as weapons. Certain individuals are destined to meet proven by a cameo by a familiar elected official. You begin to wonder if you can make a change or a difference. I suppose it’s possible… but it takes Faith.

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