Express Interview: Tom Lenk Talks Angel and Spike

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star weighs in on Spike and Angel finale fate

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLATER may have ended back in 2003 but after nearly 20 years, fans are revisiting the show with many new generations of viewers coming to the supernatural teen drama thanks to the advent of streaming platforms. One question many fans have is about who Buffy Summers should have ended up with in the series finale. spoke exclusively to Buffy actor Tom Lenk, who plays Andrew Wells, about his thoughts on this contentious and hotly-debated Buffy plot point.

Buffy finished 2003 and addressed the love triangle between the eponymous slayer (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), Spike (James Marsters) and Angel (David Boreanaz). The series finale saw things coming to a head and a conclusion of sorts when Buffy’s first love returned to Sunnydale to help her fight the last big evil. Angel even asked her if there could ever be a future for them. She told him perhaps at some point but not now with Angel then leaving.

Later in the episode, Buffy admitted her love for Spike with the pair sleeping in each other’s arms.

However, Spike sacrificed himself as the Hellmouth in Sunnydale finally closed for good and the town’s residents including Buffy fled.

Buffy was living by herself with the character no longer shouldering the burden of protecting the world by herself now every woman had the potential to become a slayer.

Buffy was caught in a love triangle with Spike and Angel
Image: CHANNEL 4)
Tom Lenk as Andrew in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Image: NC)

Nonetheless, Buffy’s moment with Angel left the door open for a potential romance somewhere along the line.

Buffy star Lenk said about the slayers single status: “Amen, sister. I think years ago I would have been like, ‘She should have ended up with Spike.’

“But honestly, to quote that meme or tweet or whatever, ‘Honestly, you choose men in this day and age in this economy? You want to end up with a man? No thank you. Aren’t we over men?’

“So, I;m glad she ended up on her own because you know what, I choose me. I think that’s a good message to send to people.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar (Image: CHANNEL 4)
Buffy’s first love in the show was Angel (Image: CHANNEL 4)

He went on to say: “You don’t meed someone else to complete you. A lot of people are discovering that. Everyone has been promised you’ll fall in love and find your partner and everything will be great. No, self-love.”

The star also reflected on fellow slayer Faith’s (Eliza Dushku) fate after the events of the show, which saw her going on the run following a homicidal spree.

Lenk theorised Faith would “become some sort of assassin” and “keep fighting”.

After Buffy concluded, Lenk went on to have a small role as Andrew in Buffy’s spin-off show Angel as well as bit parts in Six Feet Under, How I Met Your Mother, and Nip/Tuck.

He had regular roles in the TV series Lovin’ Lakin, Witches of the East End, and Eastsiders.

Among his most recent credits are NCIS: Hawai’i, Batwoman, American Horror Stories, and Dead End: Paranormal Park.

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