Chris Hemsworth


Name: Chris Hemsworth
The Cabin in the Woods: Curt
The Avengers: Thor
Avengers: Age of Ultron: Thor
Date of Birth: 11 August 1983
Place of Birth: Melbourn, Victoria, Australia
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Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth, am English Teacher and social services counselor respectively. He is the middle of three boys, his older brother Luke and younger brother Liam are also actors. He spent his formative years between Melbourne and the Australian Outback in the Northern Territory as his famliy moved back and forth.

Whilst in Melbourne he attended the Heathmont College, before his family finally settled in Philip Island. Chris then moved to Sydney where he studied American English at the Screenwise Film and TV School for Actors in Sydney where he studied American English.

Chris first appeared on our screens in 2002 where he had guest starring roles in several Austalian TV series before landing the part of Kim Hyde in long running Australian soap opera, Home and Away, where he remained from 2004 to 2007.

Chris then switched his attention to Hollywood and where he found his breakout role as Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot. It was in this year that he also cast in The Cabin in the Woods, while he had also had a failed audition for Thor. Brotherly rivalry persuaded him to continue to pursue the role as Liam had also auditioned. Although The Cabin in the Woods was filmed first, Thor was released a year earlier.

Chris Hemsworth has since appeared in two Thor Sequels with the fourth installment currently in pre-production, and all four Avengers movies. He is to slated to reprise the role in upcoming Disney+ Tv Series, What If and heavily rumoured to have a cameo in the next installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Chris has continued to be a regular presence on the big screen outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with roles in major movies including Ghostbusters reboot and Men in Black: International. He can next be seen in Netflix’s Extraction

When not acting, Chris loves to surfing and working out at his home in Byron Bay or anywhere in the world. In 2019 he created fitness and well being programe Centr alongside his wife, Elasa Pataky, and his team of personal trainers, chefs and life coaches.


Chris has a multi-national heritage including Dutch, Irish, English, German and Scotiish.

Chris was born on a Thursday, which is the name day for his Marvel Cinematic Universe character, Thor.

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