Charity Screening of Juliet Landau’s A Place Among the Dead at Whedoncon

Whedoncon are hosting a charity screening of Juliet Landau’s A Place Among the Dead on 21 November 2020. As well as the screening the event will include a Q&A with Juliet, Deverill Weekes, Harry Groener and Dawn Didawick, followed by an interactive Zoom with cast and crew.

All proceeds will go to two charites; Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which focuses on creating respect and understanding for subcultures in our communities and works with polictioans and police forces to ensure they are protected by the law. Sophie Lancaster and her partner Rob were attacked and killed in Lancashire, UK because of the way that they dressed. The second charity is Fandom Charities Inc which is a non-profit organisation that raised funds for charitable organisations through fandom related events.

Go to for tickets.

Author: Cider

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