Catherine Madison


Catherine Madison was a model Sunnydale citizen, attending Sunnydale High School where she led the cheerleading team to tri-county championship victory, earning her the name Catherine the Great and a trophy in the school cabinet. She was Homecoming Queen alongside her Homecoming King boyfriend and life could not have been better. What was not know about her was that she was an extremely powerful witch.

After graduation the high school sweethearts married and soon a daughter, Amy came along, life began to change and by the time her daughter was 12, Catherine had become a single mother. She spends her time attending cosmetology school and honing her witchy powers in the attic.

Yearning for her high school years and better days, Catherine began to live vicariously through her daughter, starving her to keep her slim and encouraging her to join the cheerleading team. When Amy disappointed her in this matter, Catherine took things a step further, using her witch powers she performed a body swap with her daughter and set out to relive her glory days.

Unfortunately, her daughter’s body is not quite as limber as her own was and she fails to make the cheerleading squad. Not to be discouraged, she starts to cast spells on other cheerleaders in order to disable them, move herself up the “alternate” list and finally make the team. Sadly for her, Buffy Summers is also trying to relive her glory days and is higher up on the alternate list than Catherine-as-Amy is. Buffy also happens to be a Slayer and soon figures out that there is something wrong.

Together with her daughter, Amy-as-Catherine, Team Buffy manage to reverse all the spells, Catherine tries to stop them but it is too late. In one last effort to save herself, Catherine fires a spell at Buffy, who manages to deflect this back at Catherine, now in her old body, and she finds herself imprisoned in her own school trophy.

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