Buffy the Slot Machine

Buffy can now be found in casinos across America as a penny slot machine. Produced by Nevada-based Everi, the game provides 1,024 ways to win in an “action-packed” five-reel video penny slot that will feature sounds and images from the series. Bonus games will include a Hellmouth theme and a character theme.

Literally. Seen it all now!

Source: Atlantic City Weekly

Author: Cider

5 thoughts on “Buffy the Slot Machine

      1. Thanks! I was there from Tuesday till Friday & I didn’t see it anywhere. I emailed everi asking where they are but they never responded of course. Really bummed my daughter out to not of been able to play this machine.

    1. So I found out, Buffy the Slot Machine is at the El Cortez, which is downtown. I am actually going to be staying there for a couple of nights in October, so I will check it out.

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