Buffy DP and Director, Michael Gershman, Dies Ages 73

Michael Gershman, DP and director on Buffy the Vampire slayer has passed away aged 73, on March 10 (the 21st anniversary of Buffy first airing) at his home in Malibu, California, his family have confirmed.

Michael was Director of Photography on Buffy for five seasons, from series premiere, Welcome to the Hellmouth to the season five finale, The Gift, receiving an Emmy Nomination in 2000 for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series for his work on Hush. He also directed 11 episodes of the show including pivotal episodes such as Passion, Consequences and Seeing Red.

Joss Whedon and Sarah Michelle Gellar paid tributes to him on social media as shown below.

Thank you for your beautiful work Mr Gershman.

This picture is from my wedding, during the traditional father daughter dance. As I did not have a father to dance with while Freddie danced with his mother, this incredible man stepped in. Michael Gershman. I have been so fortunate to have this great man in my life. He is the greatest example of everything a truly selfless man and father should be. I am so fortunate that his two daughters, are so gracious to share him with me. I learned to love great sushi , from him. And while he tried to teach me his love of red wine, it was his love of sake that stuck with me. When I got my Akita, it was Michael that taught me how to care for a large dog. His Thanksgiving dinners are epic. Everything I know about great photography and lighting , is because of Michael. The lessons I learned from him are endless. But more than lessons, there was love. The world lost Michael on Saturday. His love of life was permeating, and I'm going to try to put aside the grief and love life for him. Thank you Lauren and Abby, for always sharing your Dad with me. Thank you Cecilia for making him so happy and encouraging him to explore so many new passions. I am lucky to have been loved by Michael.

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