Brian Thompson


Name: Brian Earl Thompson
Character: Luke | The Judge
Date of birth: 28 August 1959
Place of Birth: Ellensburg, Washington, USA
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Season One: Welcome to the Hellmouth | The Harvest
Season Two: (as The Judge) Surprise | Innocence


Brain was born in Ellensburg, Washington and raised on the Columbia River in Longview with his parents and six siblings. Here he attended Mark Morris High School where he was on the swimming and football teams and it was here that he first became interested in acting when he landed a role as the Russian Ballet Teacher, Boris in ‘You Can’t Take it With You’. After graduating from High School, Brian attended the Central Washington University to study business management and play football, whilst also auditioning for everything he could.

Brian earned a scholarship to the University of Calirfornia-Irvine and gained a Masters degree in Fine Arts whilst also working with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. By the time he graduated he had his SAG card, an agent and five professional credits to his name, including a part in The Terminator, which he followed a year later with an appearance alongside Sylvester Stallone in Cobra. Since that time he has added to his list of credentials appearing in many films and TV Series, including guest appearances on Moonlighting, Knight Rider, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, NYPD Blue, Baywatch with recurring roles on Falcon Crest, The X-Files, Charmed and of course, two different characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More recently he has appeared in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot and The Orville. Other movie appearances include: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and he currently has several upcoming movies in various stages of production.

As well as acting, Brian has a black belt on Hapkido, wind and kite surfs, plays the piano and enjoys sushi rolling. He is also the director of the Actor’s School of Mount Hood Community College in Portland.

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