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Name: Bejamin Géza Affleck-Boldt
Character: Basketball Player
Date of Birth: 15 August 1972
Place of Birth:Berkeley California, USA
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Ben Affleck was born in Berkeley, California to Anne Boldt, a school teacher, and Timothey Affleck, an aspiring playwright who took on many jobs to make a living. He has a younger brother, Casey, who is also an actor.

His family moved to Massachusetts when he was just three and here he attended Cambridge Ridge and Latin High School and met lifelong friend and now fellow actor, Matt Damon, playing little league and attending drama class together.

Ben’s mother Anne regularly took him and his brother to the theatre and were encouraged to make home movies together. Both brothers auditioned for local commercials and film productions from an early age with Ben landing his first role at the age of 7 in independent movie, The Dark End of the Street. His next role would come 3 years later when landed a starring role on PBS Children’s series The Voyage of Mimi and follow up The Second Voyage of Mimi and education series which saw him filming in both Massachusetts and Mexico.

Ben continued to work throughout his teen years, moving to New York after high school and then to Los Angeles to take Middle Eastern Studies at Occidental College, dropping out after just a year.

Ben worked sporadically appearing in films such as his un-credited appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and landing a role in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats, before getting his big break in Good Will Hunting which he co-write with and starred alongside Matt Damon.

From this time his career took off and he has appeared in numerous films including Shakespeare in Love, Pearl Harbor, Jay and Silent Bob, Daredevil and most recently taking on the role of Batman for Zack Snyder’s DC Universe movies, including the infamous Justice League, for which he is also credited as an executive producer.

As well as acting, Ben has produced his own movies and TV shows, with credits including writing, directing and executive producing, including reality shows Project Greenlight with Matt Damon and The Runner, and currently has 6 titles in various stages of production from pre to post, including the “Snyder-cut” Justice League mini series.


Whilst filming PBS Children’s show The Second Voyage of Mimi, in Mexico, Ben travelled the country for a year and learned Spanish .

Is a distant relative of lifelong friend, Matt Damon, both being descended from William Knowlton Jr. who came to the States in 1630.

Is also a distant relative of Barack Obama and Diana, Princess of Wales.

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