AV Club Interview: Olivia Williams and Pip Torrens on The Nevers

The Nevers‘ Olivia Williams and Pip Torrens on devious plans and dubious charity.

Something smells a bit off in the world of The Nevers. Why is The Touched’s benefactor Lavinia Bidlow, played by Rushmore’s Olivia Williams, cavorting below ground with Denis O’Hare’s evil Dr. Edmund Hague? Is she actually a true supporter of The Touched as they are, or is she seeking to capture and harness their special powers? And what is Pip Torrens’ Lord Gilbert Massen up to in Parliament and behind closed doors? His assault on The Touched might seem more forthright, but something feels off there too.

The A.V. Club sat down with Torrens and Williams to talk all about their devious plans, dubious charities, and just what we can expect from the last two episodes of the first half of the season.

Original article at A.V. Club.

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