Armin Shimmerman Wants a New Home for Antaeus Theatre Company

Armin Shimmerman is one of a large number of recognisable actors that form the Anataeus Theatre Company. As well as staging theatre productions, the company as a Classics library containing 6,500 books and provides art education to “underserved and incarcerated youth and young adults”. Currently they are housed in a small 49 seat theatre and are looking to expand their horizons and have found a new home in Glendale, California.

To facilitate this a Kickstarter has been created and Armin Shimmerman will tell you why you should donate:

Click here to donate.

Author: Cider

One thought on “Armin Shimmerman Wants a New Home for Antaeus Theatre Company

  1. Glad they wore clothes in this one 🙂 What an entertaining group. Well, I guess that is what they do, isn’t it? Nice they are growing. Will go check out their Kickstarter page, thank you.

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