Amy Madison


Amy Madison is a normal girl, living in Sunnydale, trying to deal with the normal trials of High School. That is until her mother, who is a witch, decides that she is wasting her life and performs a spell to switch bodies with her so that she can relive her youth and once again be the best cheerleader in the tri-county area. But When Mrs Madison stops at nothing to get what she wants, Buffy becomes suspicious and, once again, spoils the fun. With a little help from Giles, Amy is back in her own body, and her mother finds herself trapped in her own cheerleading statue.

Amy, however, follows in her mother’s footsteps and becomes an accomplished witch herself. When Xander spots her handing in invisible homework he blackmails her into doing a love spell for him, which of course goes very, very wrong.

Amy quietly continues to hone her witchy powers until an apparent occult-linked child murder occurs and Sunnydale’s Mothers Opposed to the Occult (MOO) rise up against witchcraft. Amy, Willow and Buffy are in danger of being burnt at the stake and Amy cast one spell to many, turning herself into a rat to escape the flames. Although Willow somehow manages to save rat-Amy, despite many efforts she is unable to turn Amy back into a girl.

For the next few years, Amy remains a rat, living in a cage in Willow’s bedroom, with only a brief respite when Willow unknowingly changes from rat to human and then back again.

Willow, however, Willow grows in power and, in need of company when Tara leaves her, she finally manages to turn Amy permanently human again. Life is confusing for Amy at first, especially coming to terms with the fact that Prom is long over, Larry, who was going to take her, is not only gay, but dead, and Tom and Nicole split up. Amy soon returns to her old ways though and introduces Willow to a friend of hers, magic drug dealer, Rack. As Willow becomes addicted to magic, she soon realises that she is putting her friends in danger and decides to quit. This means ending her friendship with Amy. Despite giving Willow a little magic hit, Amy is unable to persuade her to go back to her magical ways.

Amy, however, has managed to save Warren and together they plot their revenge on Willow, placing a hex on her that turns her into Warren.

Author: Cider

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