Amy Acker to Star in Marvel’s The Gifted.

As well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff, Inhumnas, the 8 episode mini series which debuts on ABC 29 September 2017, FOX will be bringing us Marvel’s The Gifted.

The Gifted is based on an X-Men comic series “X-Factor”, however the show takes place in an alternate timeline where the X-Men don’t exist. Amy Acker will play Kate Strucker, ex-wife to Reed Strucker (played by True Bloods’ Stephen Moyer), and the show will follow their struggle to protect their own and other gifted chidlren.

The series will premiere 2 October 2017 on Fox.

Watch the trailer below:

Source Tuscaloosanews

Author: Cider

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