All Twelve Episodes of The Nevers To Air on Roku and Tubi

Warner Brothers have made a deal with ad-supported free to stream platforms Roku and Tubi to air their shelved TV series and movies. Amongst the host of shows that will become available will be the entire series of The Nevers, including the 6 unaired episodes that form part 2 of Season 1.

Tubi is currently only availble in the US, Roku is available in the UK

The Nevers will be streaming on Tubi from 13 February 2023 as follows:

13th Feb

12:39 pm ET for Ep one “Pilot”

1:48 pm ET for Ep two “Exposure”

2:53 pm ET for Ep three “Ignition”

3:52 pm ET for Ep four “Undertaking”

4:52 pm ET for Ep five “Hanged”

14th Feb

1:28 pm ET Ep six “True”

2:38 pm ET Ep seven “It’s a Good Day”,

3:46 pm ET Ep eight “I Don’t Know Enough About You”

4:47 pm ET Ep nine “Fever”

15th Feb

2:40 pm ET Ep ten “Alright, Okay, You Win”

3:45 pm ET Ep eleven “Ain’t We Got Fun”

4:50 pm ET Ep twelve “I’ll Be Seeing You”

Roku will begin screening sometime during Spring 2023


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