Alexis Denisof Stars in Under My Skin

Alexis Denisof stars in independent film, Under My Skin, which had it’s World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival on 29th October 2020, which explores gender identity.

The movie tells the story of Denny “a free-spirited artist [who] falls for Ryan, a strait-laced lawyer climbing the corporate ladder. Young love ensues, but when Denny begins to explore gender, Ryans ingrained values are challenged. As Denny finds they can no longer ignore their true self, pressures and tensions mount with Ryan, and the couple seek to negotiate the shifting sands.”

The lead character Denny, is played by four different non-binary or trans-binary actors; Hewson, Bobbi Salvor Menuez, Lex Ryan and Chloe Freeman.

Speaking of the movie producer Raynen O’Keefe who is trans and non-binary, said “At this point in history, the casting of trans, gender-diverse and non-binary characters with people of lived experience, is not only a social responsibility of film-making, but is also a moral imperative in the task of uplifting trans and gender-diverse stories, voices, and representation,”

Watch the trailer below:

Author: Cider

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