Alan Tudyk and Nathan Unveil Con-Man The Game

Following on from the success of their webseries, Con Man, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion along with P J Haarsma have released a mobile phone game allowing fans to create their own convention. Players must keep their customers happy and increasing their convention hype meter, by setting up booths, inviting celebrities and keeping the place clean and tidy (with the help of a familiar looking janitor, whilst also fighting aliens.

In a statement released to promote the game Alan Tudyk said: “I’m addicted. I should be clear, to Con Man: The Game. We’ve been working on this since the crowdfunding campaign. I’m so glad we can finally share it with everyone.”

Nathan Fillion continued: “I think I should get a special code that gets Nathan Fillion to my convention for free, anytime I want.”

“We created a funny and challenging game that fits well with the show. I’m very proud of it,” added P.J. Haarsma.

developed by Frima, Con Man the Game is available now for free from iTunes and Google Play.

Watch the trailer below:

Season one of Con Man is available to watch at Comic-Con HQ and season 2 will premiere in November.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Author: Cider

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