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Angel 4.1 FAQ

What’s it called?

“Deep Down”

Who do we deal with first – floaty Cordelia or floaty Angel?

Neither. The first scene of the fourth scene is set on Oct. 28, 1985 at Thorpe’s Academy in Gills Rock, Wisc. There we meet 7-year-old Gwen Raiden. We also meet Gwen’s parents and Lydia Thorpe, who heads the academy. We learn that Gwen has “special needs.” Her own mother is afraid to touch her. Gwen, we’ll learn before the teaser ends, has scary superpowers.

Do we meet Gwen in the present day?

We do.

And she’d be about 24 by now, right?

You’d think. And yet…

But first we learn about Cordy. Or Angel. Right?

Actually we might first catch up with Winifred Burkle and Charles Gunn, who don’t seem to scare vampires the way they did when Angel was standing behind them. Gunn and Fred are questionning many a smug meancing bloodsucker as they search for Marissa.

Who’s Marissa?

Vampire Girl. May know something about what happened to Angel. Angel’s son Connor, of all people, leads Gunn and Fred into her crack-house lair. Connor is pretending to be worried about what happened to his pop. Marissa learns this. Marissa is not long for this world.

Is Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan still in Vegas?

He is, still working the Velvet Room. But he’s also in the “Angel” season opener, where he gets an urgent phone call from Fred.

How long has Angel been missing?

All summer.

Does he spend most of 4.1 trapped deep underwater?

He’s back on land before act three. Cables, we understand, pop loose from their moorings.

Let’s get back to superpowered Gwen. What kind of superpowers does she have?

She’s a lightning lass.

What’s she up to in 2002?

She’s a thief. In an auction house. Seeing out something called “The Axis.”

Is Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo in this episode?

The Axis turns out to be an ancient mystical relic. And it’s the only thing that can lead the gang to one Cordelia Chase.

Does Cordy appear in the season opener?

That would be telling.

Anything else?

Yeah. Don’t be surprised if, at the end of act two, Gwen kills one of last season’s regulars.

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