ComicBook Interview: Elizabeth Henstridge Talks Her S.H.I.E.L.D. Watch-Along Show.

Agents of SHIELD: Elizabeth Henstridge Wants Samuel L. Jackson to Appear on Watch-Along Show

Agents of SHIELD came to an end in August, but fans have still been getting weekly content thanks to Elizabeth Henstridge, who played Jemma Simmons on the series. Henstridge has been hosting watch-alongs on her YouTube channel. She started with the series premiere and was joined by J. August Richards (Mike Peterson/Deathlok) and she plans to keep going with more exciting guests. Recently, Henstridge and her fiancé/co-host, Zachary Burr Abel, talked to and revealed her process for picking the show’s guests and shared that they’d love to have Samuel L. Jackson on the show. Jackson, of course, showed up as Nick Fury a couple of times during Agents of SHIELD’s first season.

“I absolutely love doing them,” Henstridge shared. “It came out just so organic. Usually, our cast would watch the season premiere together an then the finale all together. We’d go to Mo [Tancharoen] and Jed’s [Whedon] house and we’d watch it. This year we weren’t able to do that and so it just felt like the right choice to watch it on Zoom in public. And it just allowed for so many great conversations and reminiscing. It’s just such a special thing for all of us. And then when it was over I kind of just didn’t want it to be over and it did feel like there’s just so many more people that I think deserve time on the mic and a platform for us to see them and hear from them.”

“In terms of how I decide who comes on, I basically just text everybody involved in the episode to go, ‘Hey, do you happen to be available? And would you mind being ion Zoom in your kitchen, while I ask you questions?’ Everybody is so excited to come on. I’m trying to do it at the same time every week so it’s not always conducive to people’s schedules, but I love hearing from people that have something significant that happened in the episode.”

“Last week, I had Scott Bauer props and Ann Foley for costumes, because in that particular episode costume and props worked so closely together for the character of Scorch. And even though Ann Foley had done the week before, we were talking and she was like, ‘I got to come on this next week, we got so much to say.’ And I learned so much. I think it’s just, who kind of springs to mind when I watched the episode. This week is 1×06, which was just such a huge one for Simmons, and just for me as an actor. And so I’m just so excited that we have the right to Paul Zbyszewski.”

“They’re going to be on and we’re going to be talking about that episode. Yeah but I mean, going forward, there’s just so many people that I want to bring on and actors, and yeah, I have some feelers out there for some pretty big names that I hope to get on…”

“Yeah, Sam Jackson, if you’re listening,” Abel chimed in. “Yeah put the word out to your people,” Henstridge replied.

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