REFINERY29 Review: The Nevers Episode #1

The Nevers is about a group of people (mostly women, and a few men who whether oppression or are seen as misfits) living in Victorian London who gained supernatural abilities three years before the events of the series. They call themselves the “touched” and their powers manifest in many different ways. Some can see the future. Some are ten feet tall. Some communicate or see the world in supernatural ways too. The Nevers is not shy about being X-Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets, like, Harlots. The protagonist of the series, Amalia True (Laura Donnelly), makes it a point to say that the touched do not consider themselves “afflicted.”

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Town & Country Interview: Michele Clapton Discusses the Nevers Costume Designs

How do you dress characters for a period drama when it takes place in a period like none we’ve ever seen before? That was the challenge when it came to The Nevers, the new fantasy series that premiered April 11 on HBO. While the series – about a group of Victorian women blessed (or, perhaps, cursed) with uncanny abilities – takes place in the mid-1890s, it also has to contend with the kind of action (among heroes, villains, and every type in between) that might not always have a true-to-life historical precedent. For costume designer Michele Clapton, a veteran of The Crown and Game of Thrones, that was part of the appeal.

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Amalia True

The Nevers Characters | Amelia True played by Laura Donnelly GALLERY | LAURA DONNELLY | THE NEVERS | THE TOUCHED Amelia True is the most…

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The Nevers Characters | Maladie played by Amy Manson GALLERY | AMY MANSON | THE NEVERS | THE TOUCHED Committed by her husband (and genuinely…

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Declan Orrun / The Beggar King

The Nevers Characters | Declan Orrun/The Beggar King played by Nick Frost GALLERY | NICK FROST | THE NEVERS | Charismatic and brutal, Declan runs…

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Maximilian Osinski Cast in Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2

Maximillia Osinski (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) has been cast in Season 2 of The Walking Dead spin off World Beyond. The series follows four friends from…

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Doctor Horatio Cousins

The Nevers Characters | Doctor Horatio Cousins Played By Zachary Momoh GALLERY | ZACHARY MOMOH | THE NEVERS Doctor Horatio Cousins is one of the…

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Annie Carbey

The Nevers Characters | Annie Carbey played by Rochelle Neil GALLERY | ROCHELLE NEIL | THE NEVERS | THE TOUCHED Annie Carbey, aka Bonfire, a…

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Dr Edmund Hague

The Nevers Characters | Dr Edmund Hague played by Denis O’Hare GALLERY | DENIS O’HARE | THE NEVERS Dr Edmund Hague is a gifted American…

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Mary Brighton

The Nevers Characters | Mary Brighton played by Eleanor Tomlinson GALLERY | ELEANOR TOMLINSON | THE NEVERS Gentle but surprisingly resilient, Mary pursued her dream…

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