SlashFilm Review: Reavers and their Costumes in Serenity

“Serenity,” the movie continuation of “Firefly,” gave the series’ creators the chance to explore many of their plans – plans that had seemed dead thanks to the swift cancellation of the original Fox TV series. one of those plans was fully realizing the terrifying Reavers onscreen.

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Looper: The Entire Firefly Timeline Explained

Maybe it’s time to admit we’ve punished Fox enough or only airing 11 episodes of Joss Whedon’s essential sci-fi epic in the wrong order, in its notorious 9 p.m. Friday timeslot of doom, before pulling the plug, Things worked out okay for “,” as the cast pretty much prospered tremendously, and we got a movie out of the deal in the form of 2005’s “Serenity.”

Plus, since there’s no way to know if “Firefly” would maintain its quality over the course of multiple seasons, perhaps the premature cancellation wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened to the show’s legacy?

Ultimately, all the emphasis on the business aspect of “Firefly” tends to distract from its vision of humanity’s future and many indelible characters. Lets forget about ratings and box office totals for a little bit and hash out the timeline of the “Firefly” ‘Verse. With all due respect to “Firefly” comics, we;re only including the television series and the movie in this post.

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What I realized after watching the movie though was most of my memories of the show itself had been replaced by ones from the movie. On the show, River is a mystery and a bit of an annoyance, save for one or two moments. In the movie, she’s not just the star, she’s an unstoppable force – the badass she was surely planned to be all along, which is how I remembered her. The Reavers; the main villains of the film, are only mentioned in the show a few times and seen once, which clashes with my strong memory of them. And that hat Jayne wears, the one you are guaranteed to see at any comic book convention, is only in the TV show for a few scenes, and even less in the movie. If it never became a “thing” in fandom, you probably wouldn’t even remember it.

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