Monkeys Fighting Robots Review: Willow #5

As soon as Willow set foot in Abhainn, she was unsettled and experienced strange things such as once standoffish witches turning warm and welcoming, watchful crows, and dreams. The fun of the series was trying to unpack the symbolism and mystery behind Aelara and Abhainn. I looked forward to how these symbols would be explained, thinking that perhaps it was all tied into how Aelara was manipulating Willow.

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The GWW Review: Willow #5

This issue finds Willow realizing the reality of her situation in Abhainn. Rather than use this as an opprtunity to showcase a battle of witches, Tamaki opts to let more of Willow’s base instincts take over. When magic and might would serve the comic from an artistic standpoint, having Willow act like the nerd she is at times works. This consistency to the character proves Tamaki understood who Willow is and makes sure to impress this upon the audience. Teenage Willow would much rather talk it out than battle, at least for now.

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