People Interview: Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Lockdown and Best Friend, Shannen Doherty

Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals What She’s Learned from Her Best Friend Shannen Doherty

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that she still talks to her longtime friend “every day”

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After nearly three decades of friendship, Sarah Michelle Gellar is still learning from Shannen Doherty.

The actress, 43, told PEOPLE in this week’s issue that she still talks to Doherty, 49, “every day” after the pair reportedly met in the 90s through their Warner Bros. TV shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed, respectively.) She also shared that the Beverley Hills 90210 alum has taught her “so many recipes” during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“She’s amazing,” Gellar said of her longtime friend. “It’s funny, my husband [Freddie Prince Jr.] always says that you always learn better from your friends than your spouse. He’s this amazing chef but I never learned from him, because I get so nervous and frustrated and he gets frustrated with me. I’ve learned so many recipes from Shannen during quarantine, because she’s much more patient with me in the kitchen.”

Aside from whipping up new meals in the kitchen, Gellar has also been filling her time at home with remote school for daughter Charlotte Grace, 11, and son Rokcy James, 8, whome she shares with Freddie Prinze Jr., admitting that the new at-home format has been “really difficult.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar And Shannen Doherty. (Photo By Diane Freed/Getty Images)

“I think its extremely difficult to be parent, referee, principal, teacher, you know, all of that mixed into one,” she said, adding, “It’s been a while since I’ve been in school, and I also don’t have the skillset that’s taught when you go to school for years to really learn how to not. It’s one thing to understand a concept, it’s another thing to be able to teach a concept.”

“That’s my biggest frustration, because I want to do right by my kids, and I’ve been putting pressure on myself to make everything the best I can.”

Luckily, Gellar gets by with plenty of coffee and says she’s able to communicate with her kid’s teachers on a daily basis – even if it’s just to say “help me!”

Earlier this month, the actress appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show Wednesday for a “DRIVE IN-terview,” where she revealed that her kids watched Buffy during quarantine for the first time.

“We just started. I had never though to show it to them,” Gellar admitted.

“They asked during quarantine, we were trying to find shows to binge, and I was like OK I didn’t even know if they’d be into it, but they are like so into it,” she continued.

Gellar went on to tease that she’s “the world’s biggest disappointment” because she doesn’t remember certain things from filming the show.

“They’ll always ask questions and I’ll be like, ‘I don’t remember I’ll have to text someone and ask,'” she said. “They think they know it better than I do at this point.”

But the one silver lining to watching the 90s series with her kids? “My son actually thinks that I’m cool now,” she said with a laugh.

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